General Business Support

Tarka Limited has an identifiable and proven experience supplying this type of business support and information to both private and voluntary childcare providers setting up and running within County Durham. The process of this support will vary depending on how an organisation wishes to progess/set up: A company limited by guarantee could expect:

Business Support

An initial visit to set context and assess interest

A second meeting to give interested people some detail about the implications of company set up - for example :

The implications of limited liability
The situations where limited liability could be forfeited
The responsibilities of being a director
A question and answer session
Further meetings until the participants indicate their readiness to become directors and
A session to complete necessary paper work
Memorandum and articles of association produced by HMSO provided.
Meeting with solicitor to complete statutory declaration
Check and send application to companies house
Any amendments required by Companies House

In summary, we ensure that Directors/Managers/Owners are fully aware of their responsibilities.  We make them aware of the potential liability they face, for example, if they behaved negligently, criminally or the organisation becomes insolvent. We answer all questions, discuss issues and concerns and we are available by either telephone, or email at all reasonable times.

Clarification of the contents and implications of adopting the Memorandum and Articles of Association is discussed with the Directors, in order to help them understand and agree the internal and external rules of their company, explaining in plain English, for example, the annual rotation of directors and deciding if that is appropriate to them, then amending the memorandum as agreed.