Sample Policies & Procedures

Suggested Policies and Procedures required to fulfil EYFS principles

Sample Index of Contents

Safeguarding & Promoting Children's Welfare
Child Protection Policy
Durham Local Safeguarding Children's Board
Child Protection - Allegations relating to a member of staff
Every Child Matters - What to do if you're worried a child in being abused (summary)
Attendance Register
Visitors and Visitors Book
Admissions Policy
Complaints Procedure
Complaints Record
Outings Policy
Designated Drivers
Equal Opportunities Policy
Special Needs Policy
Health, Illness and Emergency policy
Infectious and Communicable Diseases
Procedure for Accidents and Dangerous Occurrence
Food and Drink Policy
North East Health Protection Unit
Meal Times Policy
No smoking policy
Behaviour Management Policy
Collection of Children Policy
Lost Child Policy
Failure to collect a child
Information requested from Parents/Carers
Parents/Carers as Partners Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Sun Cream Policy
Debt Policy
Feedback Policy
Opening the setting policy
Quiet Times Policy 
Suitable People
Recruitment Process
Once individual has been selected Process
Safeguarding Children - ISA next step in transition to new Vetting and Barring Scheme
Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy
Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
Staff Records
Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention & Disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure Information Policy
Job Descriptions
Non Vetted Persons
Other occupants at the Tarka Centre - Tarka
Organisation Chart
Staff Pack

Suitable Premises, Environment & Equipment
Risk Assessment
Sleep and Rest
Little Rainbow Room Fact Sheet
Care, Learning and Play
Children's Daily Routine (Baby Room)
Observation sheets
Focus Activity Sheet
Health and Safety Policy
Outdoor and Indoor Spaces
Fire Drill Procedure
Fire Safety Report & Building Regulations Permission
Broken Toys Procedure
Infection Control Procedure
Safety of children

Key Person
General information on organisation
Admissions and Fees Policy   

Confidentiality Policy
Documentation and Information
My Details
Parent's Admission Information 

SAMPLE - Safe Recruitment Policy
Recruitment, selection and vetting checks

Staff are recruited through Job agencies and adverts through appropriate publications. Current staff can apply for positions within the setting.

All suitable candidates will be invited to an initial office interview. All candidates will be provided, at interview, with a Job description that includes reference to the responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children in the setting. The Job description will include a person specification with a specific reference to safeguarding children. All candidates will be expected to provide an up to date C.V. and where relevant a National Record of Achievement along with evidence of training and qualifications. They will be asked about previous employment history and any disciplinary action, allegation or concerns about their suitability for employment. Gaps in employment will need to be explained and verified. All candidates will be expected to provide contact details of two independent professional and character references to obtain confirmation of the applicant's suitability to work including any disciplinary action, allegation or concerns. These should include at least one previous employer.

All candidates will be assessed on set questions relevant to the position they are applying for including EYFS. Their responses will be marked against pre-recorded answers. Unsuccessful candidates will be informed in writing. Successful candidates will be asked to attend a second interview where they will spend time with the children and where appropriate provide and carry out a lesson plan suitable for a group of children of a nominated age group. They will also be asked to evaluate their performance.

Candidates will be marked against predetermined criteria to help determine the best candidate for the position. Unsuccessful candidates will be informed in writing. Successful candidates will be asked to provide proof of identification and residence including photographic evidence, a copy of which will be held in their personnel file. (Driving license, Passport, utility bill etc). Successful candidates will be required to complete and update as necessary a health questionnaire, which includes physical capability for the job.

Successful candidates will be required to complete a successful Criminal Records Bureau enhanced disclosure. The number and date of this will be kept in the candidates personnel file. If necessary the setting will request a List 99 from Capita while the CRB clearance is being processed. If the Candidate is not a UK resident they will be required to provide proof that they are entitled to reside and work in the UK. A record showing that all checks have been carried out will be held on the single central record (register) and updated as necessary.

SAMPLE - Induction Process
The purpose of this induction is to ensure the effective integration of staff into the organisation for the benefit of both parties. All staff - full-time, part-time, supply and students will complete the induction process within the first two days of their employment/training. The Manager and Deputy Manager are responsible for a new recruit's induction along with Room Leaders.

The Induction will contain the following information:


(A)  Before an employee/trainee arrive
 Get a staff information pack ready for employee
Get a staff policies and procedures pack ready
Get a personal file ready for new employee/trainee
Inform new staff to bring original certificates of their qualifications - which will be photocopied and placed into their personal file
Decide who will be involved in the induction - arrange the date and the time of the induction with all parties
Make sure staffs involved are clear about their responsibilities

(B) When the employee/trainee arrives
Give details of the organisation's history,  its culture and values.
Present them with the Staff Information Pack
Go throught the various sections: Whilst going through each section tick off each section covered - Get the employee to sign the staff pack contents/induction checklist at the end of the induction session.

Section One:
Fire/Emergency Exists
Fire Extinguishers/points
Fire Procedure
First Aid and responsibilities
Staff Room
Notice Boards
Car Park

Section Two:
Nusery Structure
Staff Personal Information
Staff Certificates
Holiday entitlement

Section Three:
General visitors
Telephone Enquiries
Parent/carers looking around the nursery
New parents/carers

Section Four:

Staff Training
Dress Code and personal effects
Breaks and Lunch
Communication Policy
Staff appointments
Staff Sickness
Maternity Leave
Discount for staff children
Prohibition Notice

(C) Present staff with a copy of  staff policies and procedures which they can take with them to read at their leisure.

(D) Agree a time to discuss any training needs with the employee/trainee.

(E) Inform the new employee/trainee that the induction process will be re-visited after one month's probationary period to ensure that the employee/trainee has understood the information previously given.  This will be done an informal basis with the Manager. After completing the formal induction process take the new employee/trainee around the different rooms and introduce them to the staff.

(1) Show how the employee will fit into the team and how their role fits with the organisation's strategy and goals.
(2) Give futher Health and safety information as you are going around the rooms.
(3) Give a clear explanation of terms and conditions of  their employment/training
(4) Ensure that the new employee/trainee has a  clear outline of the job/role requirements.

Make sure that the new employee/trainee has plenty of time to ask any other questions
Organisation Chart
Annual Returns
General employment issues
Specific employment issues
Producing Income and expenditure statements
Sample Cash flow spreadsheet
Attending meetings
SEF (self evaluation form)
Questions and Answers
Tips for Ofsted Inspections
Sample Debt Letters
Working out occupancy levels in individual rooms